Not known does not mean no.

I feel very sad for choosing the way I am on now.

I should live much better and happier than I do now.

But when I look back throug my life, everything happened just seemed so reasonable…

Or, the one I am now is the one I can be and the one I should be.

Maybe, this is what people called DESTINY, or FATE.

Though I did not believe this before, now I ought to rethink it.

The life of a human in a simplifed form is no more than the water flow from high to low…The only variable is the things it encounter.

Aafterall, there is no mysterious God-like thing.

In other words, God is not necessary to explain all the phenomena we human can observe.

The great NATURE can say all.

We human, are nothing more, but a tiny part of the great NATURE, which is the God, if one must need a God.