I especially like the Blackhole and Tornado in Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World! Everything is cool in this world, but those long queues can easily destroy your passion. According to the situation I encountered today, one has to wait for approximate 30 minutes in a queue to make a ride, which is usually less than 30 seconds… So know what? If you spend 6 hours there, you may only enjoy for 6 minutes = =" (what about plus another 6 hours on road from UQ to Gold Coast) One thing I want to mention is that it may be a little bit cold…say you spend 6 minutes in the water and other 354 minutes in the wind.

The Pacific Fair Beach is nice. I spent about 30 minutes in the water playing with big waves, and it made me really want to learn to surf! hehe What’s else? The water is good! Not as bitter as what I’ve tasted around Moreton island last time when I was diving .