ok! have to write something about this big day, the day that i first time wear scuba diving gears and am trained to be a scuba diver.

it was still noisy when i was trying to sleep in midnight. however, this time it was not too bad, i fell ssleep quite soon~

7.40am, i got up. had two pieces of bread with milk and departed at 8.05am. met instructors in front of uq swimming pool entry at around 8.15am. (it’s weird that my mobile phone did not have any signal for at least one hour…time to buy a new one haha)

there were two warm-ups….200m non-stop swimming and 10 min float without touching anything…keke a little bit tired and properly the most tough part for today…

after that, we learned many primary scuba skills until 3pm, including putting on and off gears on ground and underwater, buddy cooperation, sharing air with buddy, vertical diving into water, giant stride, and clearing water in the mask. by the way, my wetsuit was so tight. i even felt great resistance on my chest when breathing, so i had to unzip some…

i was obstructed in the mask water clearing stage…shit! three instructors had helped me with different methods. they were so nice and patient heh. finally i made it after having 1 litre of water passing through both of my mouth and nose to my stomach…

for the lunch break, i was just fueled with 50g chips and 50g rice which was gift from ying hehe….

before the practice of giant stride, the instructor said the stronger buddy usually wear the gears first and then help the other….keke, after the giant stride, i really understand what does the so called stronger have to pay for… one should be really strong with almost 30kg gears on and holding a 15kg tank and bc for buddy to wear on, there are more…checking all up for buddy and then waiting for the ok signal. keke…after at least 5min waiting….finally, all the heavy feeling was released after only one big stride. so relaxed in the water!

when we were practicing sharing air with buddy….the rubber of the regulator of my buddy’s was broken!!! so when i breathed in air, the water came in as well…..it may kill me under 18m in the ocean….shit shit holy shit!!!

after all the pool trainings were done, we were back to the scuba centre to continue our classroom training and take exams. heh the exam was easy and i got 94% correct. but as i have already realized that scuba diving is not just an exciting adventure but also exposes the diver to life threatening situations… one tiny mistake can cause serious trouble! heh but life need challenge, right?