about 3 weeks ago, a friend told me that there was a part time position of driver for a sushi shop he worked in and advised  me to try it.
although the interview was delayed for several times, i thought that would be suitable for me.
the interview time is 9am, 21 nov. so i scheduled to refresh myself with the road rules of au and sleep early at 1am….hehe i usually sleep at 2am these days…
after almost 35min slowly crawling, the bus 411 finally arrived at city (usually 25min). luckily, i had counted the lag in peak hours haha. so when i walked into myer’s main door at 8:57am, a little voice produced in my mind: cold man, just in time~~ excellent = ="
however, just for 59s, i realized that the venue my friend told me couldn’t be right…on the 3rd floor of myer, there are only electronic stuffs…no food.
eventually, i found the "east west food" in the food court of myer centre. until now, i start to understand, the significance of precise information. a tiny mistake or careless in a piece of info, such as a single word missing, can prevent excellent work, not matter how detailed the info is.
the interviewer was an experienced driver of the shop. we had a good conversation during the delivery of the food to another shop, which was all the job about. twice per day, from city to indooroopilly, easy and fun. one interesting find out during our talk was that the 33-year old driver had almost lost his passion and desire…he did not visit any other city or place around au since his arrival in brisbane three years ago, even not gold coast, and he just wanna have a peace live in brisbane for his rest of life….this made me think about my life, can this happen when i am 33?
when we were back to the shop, the boss told me i was not hired cuz i had not enough experience. actually, i was not surprised by the result at all haha
as planed, i went to the department of immigration to get my label of work visa
the same night, i had a wonderful diner in alex’s house. after playing games, alex, the new resident of the house and i had a argumentative talk until 0.30am….ranging from the corruption of the government, the comparison of the some countries…to the meaning of studying abroad… hehe interesting~