2nd day, pool water training

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ok! have to write something about this big day, the day that i first time wear scuba diving gears and am trained to be a scuba diver.

it was still noisy when i was trying to sleep in midnight. however, this time it was not too bad, i fell ssleep quite soon~

7.40am, i got up. had two pieces of bread with milk and departed at 8.05am. met instructors in front of uq swimming pool entry at around 8.15am. (it’s weird that my mobile phone did not have any signal for at least one hour…time to buy a new one haha)

there were two warm-ups….200m non-stop swimming and 10 min float without touching anything…keke a little bit tired and properly the most tough part for today…

after that, we learned many primary scuba skills until 3pm, including putting on and off gears on ground and underwater, buddy cooperation, sharing air with buddy, vertical diving into water, giant stride, and clearing water in the mask. by the way, my wetsuit was so tight. i even felt great resistance on my chest when breathing, so i had to unzip some…

i was obstructed in the mask water clearing stage…shit! three instructors had helped me with different methods. they were so nice and patient heh. finally i made it after having 1 litre of water passing through both of my mouth and nose to my stomach…

for the lunch break, i was just fueled with 50g chips and 50g rice which was gift from ying hehe….

before the practice of giant stride, the instructor said the stronger buddy usually wear the gears first and then help the other….keke, after the giant stride, i really understand what does the so called stronger have to pay for… one should be really strong with almost 30kg gears on and holding a 15kg tank and bc for buddy to wear on, there are more…checking all up for buddy and then waiting for the ok signal. keke…after at least 5min waiting….finally, all the heavy feeling was released after only one big stride. so relaxed in the water!

when we were practicing sharing air with buddy….the rubber of the regulator of my buddy’s was broken!!! so when i breathed in air, the water came in as well…..it may kill me under 18m in the ocean….shit shit holy shit!!!

after all the pool trainings were done, we were back to the scuba centre to continue our classroom training and take exams. heh the exam was easy and i got 94% correct. but as i have already realized that scuba diving is not just an exciting adventure but also exposes the diver to life threatening situations… one tiny mistake can cause serious trouble! heh but life need challenge, right?

1st day open water course and purchase of equipments

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Just completed the 1st class of ssi scuba diving open water course. the lecture was about safety, cautions, equipments, and basic physical knowledge. a little bit too much heh.
my sharemates were celebrating something and made untila lot of noise  2am = =" so i did not sleep well last night and felt tired today.
according to the lecture, scuba diving is really an adventure…not just to watch exotic things underwater but to take life threatening risks!
whatever, scuba diving is surely one of the must try things in the life!
during the lunch break, we inspected all the light equipments we need to take tomorrow. and i bought a mask, a snorkel, a pair of open hell fins, a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, and a bag for storing all the things. all together, $499, so expensive! what i should mention is they are all made by oceanic…

dive medical


The dive medical is really not worth the money! $110 is just for examination of height, weight, eyesight, urine, breath, hearing, body balance and some other little items…. sigh, anyone can be the doctor after experiencing the medical = ="
other things today: paid $1300 for my ticket, met an icte old friend on bus who i haven’t seen for almost one year, and had a great seafood dinner at ying’s house~

1st part time job interview

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about 3 weeks ago, a friend told me that there was a part time position of driver for a sushi shop he worked in and advised  me to try it.
although the interview was delayed for several times, i thought that would be suitable for me.
the interview time is 9am, 21 nov. so i scheduled to refresh myself with the road rules of au and sleep early at 1am….hehe i usually sleep at 2am these days…
after almost 35min slowly crawling, the bus 411 finally arrived at city (usually 25min). luckily, i had counted the lag in peak hours haha. so when i walked into myer’s main door at 8:57am, a little voice produced in my mind: cold man, just in time~~ excellent = ="
however, just for 59s, i realized that the venue my friend told me couldn’t be right…on the 3rd floor of myer, there are only electronic stuffs…no food.
eventually, i found the "east west food" in the food court of myer centre. until now, i start to understand, the significance of precise information. a tiny mistake or careless in a piece of info, such as a single word missing, can prevent excellent work, not matter how detailed the info is.
the interviewer was an experienced driver of the shop. we had a good conversation during the delivery of the food to another shop, which was all the job about. twice per day, from city to indooroopilly, easy and fun. one interesting find out during our talk was that the 33-year old driver had almost lost his passion and desire…he did not visit any other city or place around au since his arrival in brisbane three years ago, even not gold coast, and he just wanna have a peace live in brisbane for his rest of life….this made me think about my life, can this happen when i am 33?
when we were back to the shop, the boss told me i was not hired cuz i had not enough experience. actually, i was not surprised by the result at all haha
as planed, i went to the department of immigration to get my label of work visa
the same night, i had a wonderful diner in alex’s house. after playing games, alex, the new resident of the house and i had a argumentative talk until 0.30am….ranging from the corruption of the government, the comparison of the some countries…to the meaning of studying abroad… hehe interesting~

huge huge nut

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haha i picked up a nice nice and huge huge nut when i was jogging today~ almost three times as big as my fist….um i’ll post a photo for it tomorrow hoho there should be a beauty living inside it wahahaaa

Booking Scuba Diving Course on 25th Nov


haha just booked a scuba diving course, $405 with UQ student card~~hahaha A dream of mine is coming to be true soon


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14-people potluck yesterday evening~hehe food from each person, representing each country. very nice and happy~~


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回家前不忘蹭了顿饭呵呵 可惜差点就没车回家了。。。。
从PA到city的那辆车是那个bus stop的倒数第二辆车,从city到家的412是最后一辆,咳咳, 好险
哈哈 路上还有两小洋妞找俺搭话~可惜长得不咋地 哎~~


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哈 不知不觉出国一年了。。。
哈哈 现在玩完了 我又回来了
所谓,不沉迷,从何悟? 不识色,怎知色空?

Semester two done

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Semester two is done, see the photo~~

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