After eight-day trip in the major cities of Australia, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, eventually, i am back here to the capital city of sunshine state, Brisbane. Compared with Melbourne, the city that is named as one of the best cities for living and tourism in au, I love the weather in Brisbane, since it is full of sunshine almost everyday. hehe in this blog, i’m not going to put the details of the trip, because it will surely cost a lot of my time to write so many inteseting things happened during the eight days…i can’t write that fast, so this is just an intro haha
today, i throwed a lot of food stored in my cabinet, because they were grown worms….the most astonishing thing was that the black thailand rice was faded into white! and i saw several worms were crawling on the inside surface of the bag!! and a lot of webs were found in other bags…sigh, now i know how important well sealing food is!