A flash in my mind.
Doing science or research is just like diving in a vast and deep lake. Standing beyond the lake, anyone can have a overview of the landscape around. It’s easy for u to describe and share your feelings, because the things are so common. Even when u swim on the surface, u may also find the world is simple and similar, u all feel warm and confortable. Having a analogy, the surface thing is in fact just studying for doing science.
For the beginning, u may find diving is not so mysterious, u still can see something in the water, and the temperature is just fine, maybe a little bit cooler. However, when u dive deepper, then u will wonder why u can’t see anything, why it’s so unconfortable and cold, why it’s so quiet there, no one pass by…
Well, u may go back to the surface for a breath and share your feeling with your peers and consult some experts, they may tell you equipments are required if you want to go deepper. U give it a try, yes, it works……
Some time later, still, u may have the same wonders…..
This time u try submarine?……Some time later, still, u may have the same wonders…..
Why ask me?Think with your own brain.
Keke……It’s so hard to describe the flash. Anyway, if u are doing science or something alike, if u at least have tried swimming, u may find u are diving in a lake one moment in your life, and u’ll know what I’m talking about.