I just got back from Byron Bay! A great place with white sand and smooth beach! On the most easterly point of the Australian mainland, stands the Cape Byron Lighthouse, where I enjoyed one of the most spectacular landscapes I’ve ever seen, though the dark, thick clouds were moving across the sky during that time. 
After 2 hours driving from Brisbane,arrived at at around half past ten. At first we, the younger, began to play football and frisbee on the beach while the older were ambling along the white waves. As the temperature rose to it’s peak at noon, all of us went back to the picnic area for lunch. After that, we played cards and some friends showed us magics to kill time before the temperature dropped to a certain adequate degree.
THEN, we went to the beach again to play beach vollyball….SUDDENTLLYi…saw…two young ladies lying on the beach without wearing Bras~~~~…so hard~to focus on the ball because of the Balls…hOhO beautiful~~~hahaOf course, not only i was arrested by the hot view…. hahahaha