When I was showering, suddenly, an idea came to me in a flash, why not invent a haircutting robot, by which I can make a hairdstyle by myself! Ulike a shaver, a haircutting robot will be more complicated and expensive, however, I think one day it’ll become commonplace.
Before enjoying the interesting invention, we have to conquer some technical difficults. First, the robot shall be able to scan your head and find out the best way to cut the hair on your particular head. Second, we need to build a hairstyle pool for the robot. The pool of course should contain various hairstyles and be updatable! Third, we need to erect the hair to get it ready. Maybe we can sit in a electriferous chair or use a styling foam
Then, there are several prototypes of the robot we can imagine. First, it could be a kind of  human like robot which could work like a human hairdresser. Or, it could be made as a big shaver that could change its shape and cut the right hairstyle in no time. What’s more, the robot will make 3D images of your hair and head shape, and you can control the robot with a monitor to cut your hair under a predesigned hairstyle program, just like play a aircraft computer game!
Haha, sounds interesting, so who’ll invent this robot? Please…